Learn to play and enjoy the sport of basketball

Savannah Skills Academy is where young basketball players come to hone their skills and achieve their full potential on the court. Our expert coaches provide unparalleled instruction in shooting, dribbling, passing, and having fun. Our greatest joy is empowering kids to become their best selves as athletes and as individuals!

Savannah Skills Academy

Welcome to Savannah Skills Academy, the ultimate destination for young basketball players seeking top-tier training and guidance.

We take pride in creating a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable learning environment for all of our students. At Savannah Skills Academy, we are committed to fostering a culture of hard work, dedication, and excellence. Our coaches are passionate about helping each player achieve their full potential on the court, while instilling lifelong values of resilience, respect, and responsibility.

Join our dynamic community of young athletes and experience the transformative power of our expert coaching and training programs. Your child will have the opportunity to develop their skills, build lasting relationships, and discover their passion for basketball in a fun and supportive setting. Let us help your child reach new heights of success and become the best basketball player they can be!



Skill Development Summer Camps 6th - 9th Grade

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Mighty Mouse Basketball Camp

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Individual Training

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Join Our Youth Training

Help your child develop basketball skills and teamwork. Our coaches offer guidance for all levels.

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